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Misty is a 21yo in denial. To sum her up: fanfiction, fanart, anime, manga, emo, complainer, obsessive compulsive, japanese obsession, D/Hr, gryffindor, slytherin, cats, horses, rabbits, dragons, druid, tarot, nissan skyline, mazda rx-7, lucky stars, origami, pickles, pickle salt, hibachi, yakisoba, lj icons, coca cola, chicken, letters, & <3 ...

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Created 04-30-03, 'misteh' is simply my name said with the 'eh' sound for the 'y'. Sadly, someone already had the username 'misty' so I settled for this. My first LJ was 'angel04', which was created 02-18-02.

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This layout features a scene from Lord of The Rings: Return of The King. More on it soon. Put up on November 24, 2004.

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ViewSonic 15" Flatscreen, TDK 32x CD-burner, over-clocked Celeron processor, 70G HD, Voodoo videocard, Logitech ProCam, Logitech optical mouse, Logitech internet keyboard, & old huge Wacom tablet. Running Windows XP. I use Outlook, deadAIM, MS Paint, PSP 7.2, WinMX, CuteFTP Pro, Panda Antivirus, Zone Alarm, Winamp 2, IE 6.0, & Netmeeting.


Monday, January 09 @ 08:52pm
this journal is inactive and will be deleted shortly
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& RMAX Funky Cold Medina ; Tuesday, June 07 @ 03:33pm
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& 379 ; Monday, June 06 @ 10:13pm
Wednesday: I went to Chrissy's house, after two weeks of being stranded from her & Medina. Archer, one of her ferrets, is getting so damn big! I love Cookie, though, she's nifty neato. Medina wanted to come home with me, she told me so, but Chrissy is a force to be dealt with, one which I am not equiped to handle unfortunately. I came home with a hairless dumbo mink girl from Monchichi's litter! I have always wanted a hairless dumbo mink girl, but every hairless dumbo Chrissy has had has been males or one female which she keeps obviously. ;x I was excited to death about getting this girl, though. She plays with me & grooms me & sleeps with me, what a joy to have. Her name... is Mira, after my sweet girl who I love very much. <3

Thursday: What a day! Why no-one corrected me on my mistake is beyond me, but anyways. I was going to meet Susan in Waco around noon. So, I leave at 7am, thinking it will take me 5 hours to get there. Obviously, I was thinking of the distance to either Houston or Siloam Springs because a mere 50 minutes into the trip I see a sign that reads: Austin 123, Waco 32 Now, I have been to Waco & Killeen many times, so why I would up & think it takes 5 hours to get there is beyond me. & the fact that no-one said 'hello! It's just a hour & a half drive, dumbass!' blows my mind.

Anyways, so I get to the Rangers Museum around 9. I call Susan, tell her how stupid I was, listen to her laugh at me for a while... <3 Then with camera in hand, I set out to take some nice pictures while I pass the time. I get one shot in before I see 1.) a group of feral, sickly looking cats, 2.) a dead cat under a tree, & 3.) two really scary looking hobos waking up by the river. So I decide you know what? It's just 90 more miles to Austin, I'll just meet Susan there. So I tell Susan, this makes her happy cause she lives right there. I get there, park at Chili's & wait. To my utter shock, she knew what my I always order from Chili's & Macaroni Grill. I later find out she did some detective work & found an old post about favorite places to eat & what you order there. She finally got there, yay! We sat in her car, eating Chili's (THANK YOU!) & talking about rats, life, the universe & everything! (42) She was so nice, exactly how I imagined her to be. I LOVE ME SOME SUSAN! She also gave me a VERY cute birthday card & present, <33

I headed home, litter in tow in the passenger's seat with me. Susan let me take her quarintine cage, as she won't need it until her blue baby is ready to come home, which I will be taking to her I'm sure. ^^ Well, I get to the last hour of the trip & I can not stay awake as I had been awake for 32+ hours by then. I had to pull over, get a coke & a cup of ice, & walk around my car for a few minutes. Once I felt awake again, I got back on the road, popping in a Margaret Cho cd. Chewing on ice plus the Cho cd carried me to the house where I stopped to go to the bathroom. Mom was on her way out, so I asked if she could take me by Chrissy's to deliver the litter. So off we were, the litter was delivered, & I came home with yet ANOTHER gorgeous girl. She's from Gypsy's litter, so she's Tsuki's sister. She is a mink dilute standard dumbo with this reeeally small little spotch of white on her tummy, like irish marking by lower? I had held her Wednesday while seeing which baby would be best for Susan. She tooth-groomed me & I was sold, I had to have her. She has a little notch out of her ear, which gives her such personality if you ask me. Looks like those cartoon rats that always have a round notch out of their ear to make them look more tough or whatnot. I haven't named her yet, >_<

Friday: Finally got to A-Kon around 1ish. Dad drove John & me out there, since all parking was full & whatnot. I had my Bleach towel with me, as it was raining & I needed protection! Got into the hotel room, ran down to get my badge, ran into the dealers room to grab some first day things, & chilled in the hotel room after that, watching the A-Kon chanel the hotel gives them for the con. (they have cameras running around or taping events & broadcasting them on the hotel's channel for those in their rooms taking a break or whatnot can still be involved so to speak in the con)

Called Carol (bluejackal on TRRC, eat_my_feathers here on LJ) after scoping out the Furuba, FMA & CC items to see if she liked Ed or Al better, & if she had a Shigure keychain. She is very nice, I can't wait to meet her at AnimeFest, :3 Called Shawna, she came to our room & chilled for about an hour. We ran our mouths off about rats & Medina, it was tons of fun for me at least! SHE IS SO CUTE & SMALL & NICE! I love her hair. ANYWAYS! Had pizza for lunch, as the Adam's Mark has the best Old Fashioned Pepperoni & Mozarella pizza. Had burger & cheesecake for dinner.

Dealers Room Buys: First, I grabbed a Pinky St. figure I had always wanted. Second, I snatched a hide pillow I had been eyeing online for a few weeks. Third, I was most excited to see a pin set from Bleach, featuring a can badge of Hitsugaya & a pewter 10th Division pin. From the same booth, I also aquired Orihime's hair pins. :3

Saturday: My birthday, yay! I woke around 11. My Mom called to let me know she was on her way. We had planned for her to spend all of Saturday with me at the Kon. Partly because I love her, also because it was my birthday & lastly because she had never spent a day with me at AKon & I like to share my interests with her. She arrived with a cake & presents! We did the birthday thing then went to the Plaza of Americas for lunch, which is connected to the Adam's Mark by a sky bridge. After that, we got Mom a Saturday membership & hit the dealers room again! After THAT, we went to the Komic Market in search of Lindze (Genkigang & lindze here on LJ) & Shawna. Found Lindze, she was SO SWEET! I was way glad she made it to this A-Kon. I would of bought an omg! hat but she was all out, ;_; We talked a bit before I left in search of Shawna again. About my fourth sweep of the booths I ran right into her, XD I met her boytoy, who.. reminds me of Shaun (my ex I was with for three years) SO much. He was nice, though! After THAT, we went back to the room & chilled. We ordered ANOTHER pizza because hey, I only get this certain pizza once a year! We spent a while watching the cosplay on the A-Kon channel. While during the walk-ons (people costuming with no skit so they just walk on & off) there was an Akito! She came out, held up a bird in her hand, then flung in down in a VERY Akito-like manner & stormed off the stage, outer robe falling off her shoulder PERFECTLY IN AKITO FASHION. I was shitting bricks. I was yelling 'WEHAVETOGOFINDHERINEEDHER'. John was in his Arthur Dent costume by then. We ran down to the lobby floor where the cosplay was, & waited for her. We must of spent over an hour searching. Finally, I saw her rush out of the main programming room. As my Mom said, it was like I had springs in my feet. I was up & over the table in no time, rushing toward her. I caught her & said 'omg I saw you on the tv in my room & ran down here I just had to get a picture of you, Akito is my favorite omg you're the first Akito I've seen.' all in one VERY quick breath. She was flattered & excited, so I got two really good pics of her. Feeling VERY happy with myself, we headed back to the room. I instantly called Carol to tell her about the Akito, but she did not answer. I also called Shawna as we were going to try to meet up for dinner or something. We all talked, watched tv, & finally fell asleep.

Dealers Room Buys: First I grabbed a Bleach pencilboard, a Shigure mini-pencilboard, Roy Mustang cellphone strap (for Carol), Al keychain, Minish cellphone strap & hide wristband. Second, I found a Yuki plushie I always wanted to go with the matching Kyo plushie I have. Third, I found THE booth for Bleach stuff. I got a 4th Division medical/bogu type bag with character BANDAIDS!!, & a wristband like Ichigo wears in one of the color spreads from the manga. They sold out of the red/white/blue with a star ones, ;_; Last, I managed to yoink a Shigure hat!

Sunday: Woke up around 9, got ready & hit the dealers room for the last time. Called Shawna one last time, hoping to meet up once more. Ran back up to the room, got packed, checked out & headed home. I was so over-joyed to be home, in my own bed, with my kitty & ratties. Watched X-Files with John until I fell asleep.

Dealers Room Buys: First I got the other hide pillow I had wanted. Sunday is the day to hussle with the dealers, as they don't want to return with merch. One booth had them for $14, the other for $22. I told them 'they have it for $14' so they gave it to me for $10. :3 Second, I grabbed an Ed pin, Ed coinpurse, Urahara cellphone strap (with card) & a Furuba plastic fan. Finally, I hit the Bleach booth one last time & got another Bleach pin set, this time for Renji. It came with a can badge of him plus a pewter 6th Division pin.

WOW! This birthday was definitely wonderful! I loved meeting everyone, it was awesome. <3

lysariala, I saw you twice I think it was, but Mikey was there both times & I had no clue how he felt about me anymore, so I didn't approach you. But your costume Saturday night was cute, ^^

EDIT!!!: Just got the following email: ...Collapse )

Medina is my dream rat. I have wanted her since day one of my RMAX rat obsession. Almost every rat I have is related to her. I have been waiting for a little short of a year for a copy of her in her litters, but she has only had two. The first one did not have a Medina-copy for me & the second was only boys. Chrissy told me she wanted to try breeding her a few more times then if she could not get a copy of her out of a litter she would let me have her. It was looking like I would not be able to get her or a baby from her until late September to October or later, but OMG! She wants me to come by tomorrow at noon to pick her up! MY GOD. SPEECHLESS WITH HAPPINESS.
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& 371 ; Monday, April 25 @ 12:25am
I have just spent an hour removing old journals & whatnot from my friends list. If you were removed by accident, let me know.

Next, I am going to be cleaning out the rest that ARE active journals. If you still want to be on my friends list, you need to comment here within a week from today. By Monday next week, I will be removing those of you who do not leave a comment. If you have been wanting to get off my list, but didn't want to be rude, here's your chance. No hard feelings, either way. If I remove you, I'm sorry. I just don't have any motivation to read LJs or write in mine when I have such a huge friends list made up of people who don't care or don't read my journal. I'm not going to get emo if you want to be removed. Just don't comment & it shall be done. I know some of you have me friended to be 'polite'. I don't want that, so if that's the case, go ahead & remove me. I won't think a thing of it or hold it against you. We all should go about our happy little lives without stressing over internet crap. I want to share my life with those that care, so please, if you're not one of those people, let it be known so I can get back to my normal LJing & whatnot.

+ Removed dead/old/moved journals.
- Cleaning out flist in a week. If you want to stay, comment. No hard feelings.

If you were removed & wish to be added back, let me know via comments to this entry.

That is all.

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& & ; ; Wednesday, December 15 @ 10:53pm

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comment to be added
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& 360 ; Sunday, September 12 @ 04:34pm
Comment <3: nymph_nectar, pflovah, fawxglove, caitlin_potter, & argella.

6 Gmail invites if anyone needs or wants one.

General Life very boring. Humm, uhh.... wow, I absolutely have nothing to say! I suppose I just wanted to let you guys know I'm alive. If I think of something to actually write, I shall write it. Or.. something. o.o;;

I really need to update my RP list, both on the sidebare & my info. =_=
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& 359 ; Wednesday, September 01 @ 06:18am
Comment <3: hellorydia, skei, panduh, pocket_charm, nymph_nectar, glamstar, fawxglove, mysundownnn, littleasianpixi, _helloalix, lysariala, & malatrix.

6 G-Mail invites if anyone wants or needs one.

General Life
Hmm, umm.. rented a lot of movies & ate food. Yep. One of the movies was a Japanese horror called Living Hell. So very odd & corny, but funny so whatever. We also rented the new Cho dvd, Revolution Cho. \m/ But, she did very little of her Mother in it, I was disappointed. PUSSY MAY CONTAIN NUT OR PARTICLE OF NUT!

My thumb is all better! It just stopped hurting after a week, like Dad said it would. But a day or so ago, I almost stepped on John's foot so I made a split-second change in where to put my foot down & it landed on the outter-side of my foot, so if you like looked down, you would see my leg going straight down then at the ankle my foot was turned on it's side, like odd & it HURT & I hear something crack. It swelled up & I couldn't really move it for the rest of the day. HAH, well next day I am walked into the kitchen & I feel that I'm about to step down on one of those carpet nails that are at the doorway to the kitchen, where the carpet ends you know? So I again make a split second change in where to put my foot down & it happened AGAIN on the SAME FOOT so ughh. It still hurts, but not like it did. I don't have to hobble around like an old lady anymore.

I got sunburned so bad, for like a week our neighbor was out of town & he had asked us to skim & take care of his pool while he was gone. It return, we could swim & whatnot whenever we'd like. So of course, you know how I life for being in the water.. I was out there everyday for HOURS upon hours & eventually began to lack with the sunscreen & I paid for it. Bleh. I took pictures while out there, but I don't care to upload them right now. =_=

Classes start today at 11am. Meh, I won't mind once the weather gets cooler, but I HATE walking around that damn campus in the hot. It's such a miserable thing to do, alawelhhlnali. >/

Wow, I know I had more to say than that.. o_O

Abbie Update
We got her back from the shitty Humane Society & took her to my vet. They're going to keep her until she is adopted, no matter how long that will take. We also got her FIV/FL tests done & whatnot. I drew/wrote up a little info sheet about her & her personality & how we found her, etc. etc. to go with her papers for when someone wants to adopt her. Also got her a bell collar which went so well with her coat. I miss her, I should go see her tomorrow! Anyways, took more pictures of her but can't be bothered to upload them. I did, however, put them on her Catster account. Along with Skye, she's on Catster as well. 8)

Proditio - 7th Year, all charas open save Draco, Hermione, Ginny, Adrian & Lupin.
Vacillo - Post-Hogwarts, all charas open save Draco, Hermione & Ginny. (Still under construction!)
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& { PRODITIO; betrayal, to betray } ; Monday, August 23 @ 02:01pm

Seventh Year, dark times, angsty fun. Opening September 1st. Want to know more? Join us!

THE NEEDED ONES // The following characters are open for play: ...Collapse )
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& 358 ; Tuesday, August 17 @ 06:37am
Comment <3: ear, skei, melene, _cannedsoup, mysundownnn, pocket_charm, fazzleness, fawxglove, ______astronaut, & telethons.

General life
Saturday night John & I were driving down 1-20 toward Hulen & I saw a kitty walking down the shoulder, obviously lost & upset. I stopped & got out & called to her, & she ran up to me meowing. I checked her over, she was in great shape except she was pretty thin. Her teeth are the whitest things ever, she didn't have ticks or fleas or ear mites. Her fur wasn't even matted, & she is a long haired kitty. She has six toes on each paw, isn't that awesome? John held her in the car & we took her to a 24hr vet to have her boarded there for the night as well as get her rabies/fecal shots. We picked her up at 11am Sunday & took her to the humane society. I named her Abbie. After we left, I checked their site & found out that they will put down animals for reasons such as they are ill (just ill, not ill beyond help) & if they don't have any space. The point of the humane society, we thought, was to NOT put animals down. I was really upset, so was John. So, yesterday we went back & told them that after the manditory 3-day holding period we were going to adopt her back. They let us see her, she's still happy & whatnot. She's the sweetet thing, the whole time in the car she just laid in John's lap purring & head-rubbing his arm. So Thursday we're going to pick her up & either take her to Petco (because they don't get rid of cats turned over to them no matter what) or who knows. I can't keep her, because my kitty Skye would be so hurt. John would love to keep her, but he doesn't have the place for it. I wish I could find someone we know to keep her, but I don't know many people at all. If you know someone that might want a kitty, & are in the area, could you tell them about her? I took pictures of her as well: ...Collapse )

I ordered a Tamagotchi Plus online, one of the designs that isn't in stores. It's silver with teal & pinkish circles. I <3 it, can't wait.

My thumb still hurts. & I want to make a new layout for this journal. Ideas?

So, now I'm thinking either Lupin or Dumbledore is the HBP. *shrugs* We now know that Harry will live til book 7, that Dumbledore's patronus is a phoenix, that Aunt Petunia is a muggle not a squib, that portaits are not as 3d as ghosts.. they will end up repeating themselves so a portait of Harry's parents wouldn't help him much. We have also been told that the two questions we should be concerning ourselves with are 'Why didn't Voldemort die?' & 'Why didn't Dumbledore kill Voldemort during the fight in the Ministry?' We should be thinking about what all Tom Riddle did during his time away while he was becoming Voldemort, what measures he took to ensure that he did not die. We should be thinking about what Dumbeldore is hiding, which we all knew from the word go he was hiding something so no big surprise there. Oh & we also now know that we WILL get more information about Blaise Zabini, thank you. This woman really pisses me off sometimes, but oh well. we know that Snape can see the Thestrals, but what bloodline is he? Death Eaters are only pureblood, except on the 'rare exception', was he an exception? Hmm. We should also be thinking about Dumbledore's bother who works in the Hogs Head. Gee, really? Ugh. OH & the door is open again on her site. It's a snip about a new character, having strands of some color in his dusty blond hair I think & how his yellow eyes shown behind his wire-rimmed glasses & how he walked elegantly even though he had a slight limp? Who knows, probably a the new DADA teacher. Beh.
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& 357 ; Saturday, August 14 @ 06:39am
Comment <3: _cannedsoup, kamino, mrquackles, skei, nymph_nectar, rain_panda, telethons, fawxglove, wiya, mionealterego, veelaoferised, woodisgoodcdl, & caitlin_potter.

UGH. Stupid ctrl+SOMEOTHERBUTTONTHATCLOSESTHEBROWSERWINDOW. Anyways, I'm not cutting or filtering, deal.

General life
On the 11th, my thumb started to hurt. Like, I had popped it too much or something like strained. I ignored it, John & I watched Reno 911! then I went to bed. I woke up at 4am because the pain in my thumb had spread down the side of my hand & the webbing between my thumb & index finger. It kept me awake until 7am so I woke John up & was like 'We are going to Walgreens.' So I got an ace bandage wrap thing & wrapped it around my wrist & lower part of my thumb to keep it from moving. It did the job kinda, so we went back to bed after watching the Pet Psychic (HAHA). Slept til 2pm... Got up because I had a hair app. at 3:20. We went to my hair app. then went to eat at Steak & Ale. After that, we went to CVS to get a better thumb thingie because it was hurting too much. Got a 'thumb stabalizer', which is like a glove with no fingers & half a thumb cover that is stiff to keep it from moving & all that so that helped a LOT. Then we went to the Hulen mall, checked on some shoes for John to work in, went to Suncoast & picked up the newest volumes of Bleach & Negima! & then got him some shoes. Then, around I suppose 5 or 6, we headed home but stopped at Petco because I was seriously wanting to hold a ferret since that day with the brat. Held ferrets, looked at ratties, loved on this HUGE silver german shepard that was SO BIG & SWEET & CALM OMG such a gorgeous dog. Then came home, read my mangas, & got on the computer. That's my recap of the 11th & 12th. Didn't do anything yesterday cept sit in JWC on Neopets for like 4 fucking hours. Went to sleep, John got here at 3pm. Slept til 6 I suppose, got up & went to Petco to look at cages, again. Mrerrrrrrrrrrr, umm *forgot what else*.. OH YEAH, had pizza, went to Beniggans, came back. Been up ever since, & my thumb STILL hurts like a bitch. ;_; Dad said it was tendionitis or something, it would go away in a week or so. WTF, NO BITCH GO AWAY NOW! At least it's the thumb on my left hand. I write/draw/doodle way too much to have my right hand disabled. ;o

PoA DVD reserved at Suncoast, 8) PWGI, are there any thoughts on having a viewing party? I think planning is in order! I miss you guys, I'm so sad that I don't get to hand out with most of you, because you all live in Dallas. >_<;;

Still highly pissed that Ralph Fiennes is going to be Voldemort. But I realized that his face will either be very CGed up or make-uped that I won't be able to tell it's my Remus.

So, who else is pissed at the thought of Harry being the HBP? It more believable than the Remus theory, but who cares. We'll find out when we read the book, ;x

I think melycertia will be able to keep Phoenix! She's been keeping him up at the office (she works at a vets), & she says that people give him treats & love on him & walk around with him on their shoulder all day. He's gone a long way from being alone & unwanted in a Petco. ^^

I've been looking for breeders near me lately. Sometime in the future, I want an American or Powder Blue dumbo rex female, either berkshire or self, with or without a star/snip doesn't matter. I found BearWolfRats, they are in Ft. Hood which is where nymph_nectar moved to! I also found RattiusMaximus, which I really like so far.

I want to make things like this for my ratties: 1, 2, & 3. telethons, discuss this with me! I know you would know how to go about this..

Would like a cage like this, but with the full flip-top opening like this, as well as the black wire. I wonder if they would custom make me one? Hmm, must inquire..

Yesterday morning, all animals were asleep. I went to take their pictures, but the ratties woke up. Gah, it's so hard to catch them asleep! Yuki was the first to wake up, Bunni quickly followed her lead. However, Skye remained comfy & asleep.
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